Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Make Cheap international calls from the iPhone with Only MyGlobalTalk

US based iPhone users of the MyGlobalTalk application receive the advantage of making international at a low price. Recently, i2Telecom International announced that MyGlobalTalk, its international calling solution is now available on the iTunes online store. This is done by routing calls through the MyGlobalTalk network.

This service works wherever there is a mobile service available and it offers high-quality service minus the need for a Wi-Fi connection. This is a strictly pay as you go service without contracts, connection fees or call minimums.

“We are thrilled to see the MyGlobalTalk application on the iPhone,” commented Andy Berman, Chief Executive Officer of i2Telecom International, Inc. “We want to make it easy for people to call any country in the world for less from the United States, and the MyGlobalTalk application does just that. This is just the beginning for us. Much more is to come, including the ability to call from overseas to other countries or back to the United States.” Read More Make Cheap international calls from the iPhone with Only MyGlobalTalk

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Truphone Brings its Mobile VoIP Application to the iPod Touch

Launched earlier on Apple iPhone, the Truphone mobile VoIP application is an all-in-one product architecture that puts voice and instant messaging (IM) in one place leveraging VoIP technology.

It offers an integrated messaging tool that unifies all IM (instant messaging) communities in a single place. It enables users to make free calls when in Wi-Fi to other Truphone users as well as Skype andGoogle ( News - Alert) Talk users. In addition, Truphone users can send free Instant Messages when in Wi-Fi to different IM services as well.

With the help of Truphone mobile VoIP application, users can call landlines and mobiles anywhere at cheap rates, thereby making considerable savings. The application also shows call rates before initiating a call. It even displays recent call history and also enables users to change calling tariffs within the application itself. Customers/users can top-up from within the application, without the need for web windows to open separately, said the company.

Truphone said that the new upgrade, version 3.0, available on iPod Touch features a new architecture that provides increased ease of use, speed of function response, intuitiveness, enhanced instant messaging and account management experience, simplified management, improved voice quality, as well as performance boost. Read More
Truphone Brings its Mobile VoIP Application to the iPod Touch

Can pure-play mobile VoIP succeed?

Two recent announcements regarding pure-play mobile VoIP offerings from TCM Mobile and xG Technologies caught my eye, and I decided to talk to the companies to find out about their plans to make these technologies commercially viable.

TCM Mobile launched a mobile VoIP test network in Syracuse, N.Y., after more than four years of development. TCM plans to operate in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz spectrum band to avoid the costs of buying spectrum, as Verizon, AT&T and others have done. The company, founded by a group of Israeli engineers and scientists, said it cracked interference, roaming and connectivity problems in development and built all components of the network, from handsets to base stations, in-house. It plans to operate the mobile voice network over an IP backbone to reduce costs further.

But, as Carl Weinshenk at IT Business Edge points out, despite innovative technology, TCM will face tough competition making its solution work in the market.

Weinshenk writes, “The problem facing TCM, no matter what the elegance of their technology and efficiency of their execution, is that they are in a competitive space in which many powerful players already have made significant investments and chosen their dance partners.”

TCM President Haim Yashar told me the company does not have consumer plans or a business model yet, and that TCM is “a tech company at the end of the day.” Given the competition Weinshenk aptly notes, TCM has its work cut out for it to achieve any sort of market penetration. Read More Can pure-play mobile VoIP succeed?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Truphone introduce Two new and Nice flat-rate calling plan

Determined to disturb carriers around the globe, mobile VoIP player Truphone has introduced two flat-rate calling plans, one for calling to landlines and one for mobiles.

Truphone customers can get unlimited calls to landlines in 38 countries for just $14.40 per month under the "TruUnlimited for Landlines" plan. It also throws in calls to mobile phones in some locations, such as the U.S., Canada, China and Hong Kong, at no extra charge.

For people calling mobiles more frequently, "TruUnlimited for Mobiles" provides unlimited calls to mobile phones in 64 countries, as well as unlimited calls to landlines, for just $35 a month.

To take advantage of these plans, a free download of the Truphone application software is needed - iPhone, Nokia Symbian N & E Series devices, Google Android G1 and BlackBerry Messenger phones are supported. Read More Truphone introduce Two new and Nice flat-rate calling plan

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vopium to be one of the 2009 Sponsors of Team Saxo Bank

Vopium, the Danish based mobile communication company, is now one of the official 2009 sponsors of the professional cycling team, Team Saxo Bank. This means that you as a Vopium customer will get exclusive cycling related offers.

Vopium gives you cheap, international calls from your mobile phone at a superb quality. In short, with Vopium you’ll reach the world for less. Team Saxo Bank is owned by Bjarne Riis, former winner of Tour de France, and he has managed to create the world’s best cycling team who is present at all important races throughout the world. The team of cyclists will in the future be using Vopium’s service to make their international calls and they will, of course, be extraordinary exponents of the Vopium brand.

Tanveer Sharif, CEO of
Vopium, comments, “We, as do Team Saxo Bank, share a common goal of results, commitment and teamwork. We’re thrilled that the team will be using our service when making international calls – and especially, of course, to have the riders of the world’s best cycling team be exponents of our product.”

Bjarne Riis, owner of Team Saxo Bank, says, “Like ourselves, Vopium represents entrepreneurship and leadership; those same virtues that have enabled us to lay the foundations in creating a world-class team in cycling. We’re delighted to welcome Vopium aboard as a partner of the 2009 team.”

We at
Vopium are thrilled to welcome Team Saxo Bank as part of the Vopium family. And we’re looking forward to being able to give such exclusive cycling offers to our customers as an exciting add-on to our core service of mobile communication.