Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vopium available on BlackBerry

Vopium, an emerging MVoIP now becomes available on Blackberry where it provides you the benefit to enjoy VoIP calls absolutely on the go. Vopium is available for BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and the BlackBerry 8800 series. Blackberry users can now obtain great cost saving facility on international calls. It automatically detects the international calls and enables the users to check or top-up their account balance whenever desired.

Apart from this, Vopium also gives 30 minutes + 100 SMS free trial to any destination in the world. You can use Vopium from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Canada, UK, US and few other countries. Before you start making calls, you can exactly find the rates available for different countries.

Application user interface of Vopium on Blackberry

To discover more on what you can do with Vopium on Blackberry, read below.

Easy Installation Process: You can easily download/Install Vopium application in Blackberry directly on handset or through the ‘desktop download’ available on Vopium portal. You can also follow the useful guide available on the website.

Make International Calls: There are two options to make international calls through Vopium service. Either dial from Vopium application or dial using the default dialer. Vopium client application has the ability to automatically detect international calls.

International SMS text message: Before you send an international SMS text message with Vopium, make sure you activate the service.

Check & Top-up your balance: You can easily check your balance on Blackberry but it is necessary to save your SMS settings and activate your GPRS.

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  1. Hi, i visited www.vopium.com last week and tried their 30 minutes free trial...really its an excellent mobile VoIp service with crystal clear voice quality..keep up the good work guys..Cheers